Buy, Sell & Trade

The motto of Blackwood Books is “We buy, sell and trade quality second-hand books.” When we buy or trade-in books, we seek books for which we do not already have copies (except for fast selling titles such as the “Harry Potter” series and Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” series) AND which we believe we have a chance of selling. We do not have the space for multiple copies of most books. Books which you bring us to consider can be from any source…..however, just because you purchased a book from us, it does not mean we will automatically buy or trade it back. Also ex-library books, unless they are rare and sought after, will not be taken.

Fiction books which we buy for cash are purchased at a formula rate, as shown in the figure below. Large format paper-backs and hard-covered fiction are purchased at the same price. For non-fiction books, we pay approximately one quarter of the price for which we shall sell them. This price is determined by matching the price of similar quality books on large internet sites. If you are bringing us a large quantity of books to consider, please be prepared to leave them with us for a few days, as we may not be able to do them while you wait. We have what we call the “400 rule.” If you have 400 or less books you wish us to consider for purchase or trade, we expect you to bring them to us. If you have more than 400, we will consider coming out to look at your books (assuming you are in the greater Adelaide region.)

If you wish to bring us books for store credit, we add 50 cents per book in each of the categories shown below. For non-fiction books we give approximately one third of the price for which we will sell the book. Store credit accumulated is kept on a data-base on our computer. Whenever you purchase a book, you may use up to 50% of the books’ price from your accumulated credit.

The easiest category from which to sell or trade us books is Science Fiction/Fantasy. This is because people buying from this category rarely trade or sell them back, and hence we are always looking to keep our shelves filled in that genre. We do NOT purchase books on computing, finance or law, nor do we accept encyclopedias unless they are older than 1915.

If you are buying books from us, you will usually find our price on the first white page in pencil. In those few books which do not have early light coloured pages, and for many glossy small children’s books, the price will be on a round sticker on the front cover. We accept cash and also Visa, Master Card and American Express cards. If we are mailing the book(s) to you, direct bank transfer is encouraged, and we will charge you postage at cost, with no added fees.


Prices paid by size for fiction books.