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  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS One Thousand & One Gems of Song
    Author: Charles Mackay

    This hard-covered book was published by George Routledge& Sons and is in VG condition with a tight spine.
    $100.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1883
    Author: Harold Lloyd

    This hard-covered book is in VG condition. It has a dust-jacket which is in G condition with a square centimetre piece missing from the spine. It has been covered in non-adhesive clear plastic for protection. The book was published by The Reader’s Library Publishing Company and is an illustrated edition
    $60.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1928
    Author: A.D. Frederickson

    This hard-covered book, published by W.H. Allen and Co., is in Good + condition with slight scuffing to the bottom of the spine and one bottom corner. The spine is tight. There is a library number painted in white on the spine and the inside front cover has a stuck-down label from the Moonta Institute
    $225.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1988
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Some Forgotten... Some Remembered
    Author: Rachel Biven

    This hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG-Fine condition. It is a limited, numbered first edition signed by the author, is published by Sydenham Gallery, and is a tribute to South Australian women artists.
    $55.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1976
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Pillars of the Earth
    Author: Ken Follet

    This hard-covered book and dust-jacket are in VG – Fine condition. Published by Macmillan & Co. this book is a first edition.
    $150.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1989
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS The Wall Paintings of Thera
    Author: Christos Doumos

    Published by the Thera Foundation, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket comes in a decorated presentation box and is in VG condition.
    $225.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1992
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS A Journey with Colour
    Author: Len Cram

    Sub-titled “A History of Queensland Opal 1869-1979” This hard-backed, laminated book is in VG condition. It is a special, limited edition and is signed by the author.
    $700.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1998
    Author: RienPoortvliet Published by Harry M. Abrams, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG – Fine condition.
    $100.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1980
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS American Quilts
    Author: Robert Shaw

    Sub-titled “The Democratic Art, 1780-2007”, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG condition. It was published by Stirling Publishing.
    $40.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 2009
    Author Ben Elton

    Published by MacDonald, this hard-covered book with dust jacket is in VG-Fine condition.  It is a first edition and has an inscription signed by the author.  The book is protected by a non-adhesive, clear plastic sleeve.
    $56.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1991
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Keely and his Discoveries
    Author: Clara Bloomfield Moore

    Published by University Books Inc., this hard-covered book and its dust jacket are in VG condition.  It is protected by a non-adhesive, clear plastic sleeve.
    $33.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1973
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Sam and the Firefly
    Author: P. D. Eastman

    Published by Collins and Harvill, this pictorial hard-covered book is in VG condition.  It is the first UK edition.
    $25.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1961
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