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  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS One Thousand & One Gems of Song
    Author: Charles Mackay

    This hard-covered book was published by George Routledge& Sons and is in VG condition with a tight spine.
    $100.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1883
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS The Old West collection
    Time Life The Old West collection. 25 Volumes (missing volume 26 Master Index). Leather bound, condition excellent.
    $200.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1973
    Author: Harold Lloyd

    This hard-covered book is in VG condition. It has a dust-jacket which is in G condition with a square centimetre piece missing from the spine. It has been covered in non-adhesive clear plastic for protection. The book was published by The Reader’s Library Publishing Company and is an illustrated edition
    $60.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1928
    Author: A.D. Frederickson

    This hard-covered book, published by W.H. Allen and Co., is in Good + condition with slight scuffing to the bottom of the spine and one bottom corner. The spine is tight. There is a library number painted in white on the spine and the inside front cover has a stuck-down label from the Moonta Institute
    $225.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1988
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Some Forgotten... Some Remembered
    Author: Rachel Biven

    This hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG-Fine condition. It is a limited, numbered first edition signed by the author, is published by Sydenham Gallery, and is a tribute to South Australian women artists.
    $55.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1976
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Pillars of the Earth
    Author: Ken Follet

    This hard-covered book and dust-jacket are in VG – Fine condition. Published by Macmillan & Co. this book is a first edition.
    $150.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1989
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS The Wall Paintings of Thera
    Author: Christos Doumos

    Published by the Thera Foundation, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket comes in a decorated presentation box and is in VG condition.
    $225.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1992
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Bradshaw Art of the Kimberley
    Author: Grahame L Walsh

    His hard-backed volume, bound with crocodile hide, represents the only complete photographic record of these rock art paintings, and as such is very rare. It is published by TakarakkaNowanKas Publications and is signed by the author. It is in Fine condition.
    $3200.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 2000
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS A Journey with Colour
    Author: Len Cram

    Sub-titled “A History of Queensland Opal 1869-1979” This hard-backed, laminated book is in VG condition. It is a special, limited edition and is signed by the author.
    $700.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1998
    Author: RienPoortvliet Published by Harry M. Abrams, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG – Fine condition.
    $100.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1980
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS American Quilts
    Author: Robert Shaw

    Sub-titled “The Democratic Art, 1780-2007”, this hard-covered book with dust-jacket is in VG condition. It was published by Stirling Publishing.
    $40.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 2009
  • BLACKWOOD BOOKS Margaret Fulton Cook Book
    Author:  Margaret Fulton

    Published by Lansdowne Press, this pictorial hard-covered book is in VG condition.
    $25.00 (AUD) Publication Date: 1985
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